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Home Services

Company BALT SPEKTRS L has qualitative facilities not only for supplying the industrial equipment, but also for accomplishing mounting works, assembling works, commissioning works,  warranty and post-warranty maintenance works. 

The company is realizing the following services:
- assembly of the pumps units, as well as it’s repair and maintenance works
- assembly of the valves and actuators, as well as it’s repair and maintenance works
- assembly of the fans and electric motors, as well as it’s repair and maintenance works.


Experienced engineers of the company are accomplishing chemical water analysis and are offering optimal technological solutions and equipment for water softening, deironing and filtration. The water treatment equipment is supplied in short time, as company has capacities for keeping the water treatment equipment as well as spare parts on stock in Riga. The water treatment equipment can be installed in industrial factories, as well as in private houses, hotels, sport clubs and other projects. After the equipment is supplied service engineers are making installation and commissioning works. The specialised engineers are fulfilling the water treatment systems service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance works.


Moreover company BALT SPEKTRS L is fulfilling the chemical purification of the boilers, heat exchangers and steam generators. 



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