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Descaling pumps

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Descaling pump with flow inverter PROMAX 30 SUPAFLUSH are developped for flushing central heating systems to resolve circulation and boiler noise problems caused by accumulations of sludge, corrosion deposits and scale. The PROMAX 30 SUPAFLUSH  pump is able to operate easily to a maximum head of 2 bar and efficiently clean up to 20 radiators. Working fluid temperatureup to 50°C - 55°C. Characteristics: multifunction isolation/dump valves with protective plate and 90° rotating fresh water inlet tap; carring bag with shoulder strap to contain hosesfunnel and selection of various fittings. Optional trolley with large diameter “Stair” wheels and handle that can be tilted up wards.

EVOLUTION SERIES: the new way to devise descaling pumps. All the pumps in the EVOLUTION series are fitted with a special hermetic cap in shockproof and anticorrosive plastic with the function of hermetically sealing the pump to prevent exhalation of chemical substances that cause corrosion to metallic materials (means of transport, equipment,
laboratories, etc.). Furthermore the cap contains all pipes and cables making the pump compact and easier to handle and
transport. All the pumps in the EVOLUTION series are fitted with the new POWERFLUX flow inverter. Power, safety andreliability without comparison.

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