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Exchange resins for water treatment

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Exchange resin Purolite C100E

Purolite C100E - Strong Acid cation exchange resin for water softening. Purolite C100E is a high purity premium grade bead form conventional gel polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin designed expressly for the treatment of foodstuffs, beverages, potable waters, and water used in the processing of food. Read more

Exchange resin Purolite C100H

Purolite C100H - strong Acid cation exchange resin for use in demineralization of water. Purolite C100H is primarily used in the cation stage of demineralisation plants used in industrial water treatment employing coflow regeneration. Read more

Exchange resin Purolite A500P

Purolite A-500P is a macroporous polyexchanger which has been designed for use as an organic scavenger, e.g. for the removal of tannins, fulvic and humic acids, from industrial and domestic water supplies. Read more
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