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Industrial fluid filters Cintropur

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The CINTROPUR brand comprises an extensive range of filters for clear water (3/4" to 3" connections and yield from 1 to 50 m3/h). Its objective is to hold all the particles in suspension (earth, sand, rust etc.) contained in the water. Other items in range are designed for water treatment using activated carbon or other materials.

The CINTROPUR® design is innovative in two ways. The flow of water entering the system is transformed into a vortex using a centrifugal propeller, which precipitates the large particles to the base of the vessel. The exclusive CINTROPUR® filtration sieve (ranging from 5µ to 300µ) performs the 2nd filtration depending on the fineness selected.

CINTROPUR’s technical design is very different from that of other filters on the market and will surprise you by the large volumes handled and the low load loss. Maintenance is environmentally friendly, as only one single filter bag needs to be replaced.

CINTROPUR is made entirely of highly resistant synthetic materials and is characterised by its toughness and reliability.


Main advantages:
1. Filtration is practically accumulation-free
2. Minimum pressure loss
3. Large constant yield
4. Wide range of finenesses available
5. High level of self-purification
6. Easy regeneration
7. Long service life.

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