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Lutos screw blowers

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Screw blower packages SDT are based on screw compressor elements, which are due to the simple concept of their design and high reliability the most popular source of compressed air. In addition to 35% energy savings they also offer lower noise, high efficiency direct motor drive and reduced vibration and pulsation in the pipeline. The blower is supplied with an electric motor and on request can be supplied complete with an acoustic enclosure.

Use for low pressure compressed air are very diverse -aeration in sewage treatment plants, backwash of sand filters in water treatment plants, pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, lime kilns, cement factories and in paper and textiles production.


Capacity:  271 - 4600 m³/h (50 Hz)


Pressure:  30 - 1000 mbar


Basic scope of supply:
• Base frame with forklift slots
• 100% oil free element
• Integrated gear-box
• TEFC Eff 1 motor
• Air-outlet (silencer, PVO)
• Oil-circuit (pump and cooler)
• Air-inlet (filter)
• Discharge pressure gauge
• Oil pressure switch
• Decoupling between air filter and
• Decoupling between element and
pulsation damper.


• Canopy (max. 78 dB(A))
• Electro control system in separate
• Frequency convertor
• Complete with frequency drive enabled motor.

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