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Chemicals for steam and heating boilers

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JurbySoft® 1 – Alkalinity builder

It is a liquid complex chemical product, used in low, middle and high pressure boilers. Read more

JurbySoft® 6 - Scale and corrosion inhibitor

This product is used for corrosion and scale processes control. Read more

JurbySoft® 9 - Corrosion and scale inhibitor

It chemically removes oxygen, neutralizes carbon dioxide, prevents from carbonaceous scale forming. Read more

JurbySoft® 12 - Multipurpose corrosion and scale inhibitor

It is a complex liquid chemical product used for corrosion and scale forming control in low and medium pressure boilers. Read more

JurbySoft® 24 - Oxygen scavenger

It is a liquid chemical based on catalized bisulphite products for the removal of dissolved oxygen in boiler water.

Read more

JurbySoft® 32 - Corrosion inhibitor for condensate return circuits

This product prevents from corrosion of carbonic acid and frequent maintenance of circulating condensate return lines.
Read more
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