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AquaHard® - water deironing systems

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High levels of iron, manganese, chlorine, organics and hydrogen sulphide cause bad taste of drinking water and influence quality of water products. High amount of iron and manganese in water leads to formation of deposits on walls of pipes and the equipment, a scale on hot surfaces that attracts to decreasing in heat exchange, overheating of pipes, raises power and operational expenses. Compounds of iron and manganese presented in water, influence quality of dyeing processes in textile industry, flavoring qualities of foodstuff and drinks.


1. Boiler water treatment
2. Cooling systems water treatment
3. Drinking water treatment
4. Water treatment for industrial processes
5. Water treatment for power industry
6. Chemical industry
7. Oil gas refinery
8. Power industry
9. Textile
10. Food industry
11. Metallurgy
12. Municipal sector.


Standard features:
1. PVC piping
2. Membrane valves (Ø20 - Ø63)
3. Butterfly valves, stainless steel disc 304 (Ø75 - Ø160)
4. Fiber glass reinforced vessels (Ø610 - Ø1600)
5. Coated carbon steel vessels (Ø1000 - Ø3500)
6. Programmable controller
7. Stainless steel frame
8. Premounted piping
9. Pressure indication.


Optional features: 
1. Flow meters
2. Air blower
3. Pump for backwash
4. Air compressor
5. Mixer
6. Chemical pretreatment
7. Oxidizing tank
8. Backwash water tank.


1. Quick installation
2. Easy maintenance
3. Full automatic
4. Easy connection into 2, 3, 4 filters schemes.

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