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AquaHard® - water softening systems

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 As water moves through rocks, it dissolves various minerals and becomes “hard”. Hardness of water is defined by concentration of bivalent alkaline earth metal ions, first of all calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) in it. These elements naturally get in water owing to interaction of carbon dioxide with carbonate minerals.

Hard water causes problems in maintenance of equipment, which have a contact to hot water (boilers, pipes and etc.). Heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals that can contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of water-using appliances.
Water softeners operate on the ion exchange process when hard water passes through the softening material and ions Ca2+ and Mg2+ are replaced by Na+ ions.


1. Boiler water treatment
2. Cooling systems water treatment
3. Drinking water treatment
4. Water treatment for industrial processes
5. Water treatment for power industry.


1. Chemical industry
2. Oil gas refinery
3. Power industry
4. Textile
5. Food industry
6. Metallurgy
7. Municipal sector.


Standard features:
1. PVC piping
2. Membrane valves (Ø20 - Ø 63)
3. Butterfly valve, stainless steel disc 304 (Ø90 - Ø160)
4. Fiber glass reinforced vessels (Ø610 - Ø1600)
5. Coated carbon steel vessels (Ø1200 - Ø3500)
6. Programmable controller
7. Stainless steel frame
8. Premounted piping
9. Flow meters
10. Manometers.


Optional features:
1. Countercurrent regeneration
2. Stainless steel piping
3. Stainless steel vessels
4. Treated water quality control
5. Raw water mixing line.


1. Quick installation
2. Easy maintenance
3. Full automatic
4. Economy of reagents for regeneration
5. Economy of water for regeneration
6. PC connection possibility.

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